Editorial Policy

Dignity Press and World Dignity University Press are affiliated with both the World Dignity University and the Human Dignity and Humiliation Studies network. We serve these organiza­tions by publishing books and journals addressing Human Dignity, Human Rights, Human Development and related matters. Books may be of scholarly nature or addressing a wider audience. Works of academic nature are published under the imprint World Dignity University Press.



Manuscripts will be reformatted by Dignity Press for printing. Therefore it is advised to keep the formatting as simple as possible. This will enable the copy editor, typesetter and proofreader to do their work efficiently. Careful preparation will also reduce the amount of correction required at proof stage. Please remember that amendments and corrections are both costly and time consuming at all stages.

If you want to publish in a language other than English or German, you will have to organize typesetting, copy-editing and proof-reading on your own. Furthermore, authors are required to have the final manuscript proof-read by an experienced copy-editor who is a native speaker of the manuscript's language.

If publishing in English, the author may choose UK or US English style. We ask authors to double-check their writing against recognized style guidelines. Examples for US English are Merriam–Webster's Dictionary of English Usage or Garner's Modern American Usage. For UK English an example would be Fowler's Dictionary of Modern English Usage.

For citations and bibliographical notes, one of the popular citation styles shall be used consistently.


File formats

Manuscript files from LibreOffice, OpenOffice, or Microsoft Office are accepted. Adobe pdf files can be used if they allow copying of all content.



Illustrations shall have a resolution of at least 300 dpi. All widely used file formats (jpg, png, svg, gif, …) are accepted. If you did not create the illustrations, you have to take care of copyright clearance.


Printed books

Authors may choose between black-and-white or color print for the interior pages. For the cover, there are paperback or hardcover versions available. Hardcover books are dressed with headbands and footbands and bound into either printed four-color laminated cover or a 100% cotton fabric. For the cotton hardcover a full-color dust jacket is possible. Paperback covers are full-color, either matte or laminated.



Optionally, Dignity Press publishes ebook editions of printed books. Currently, ebooks can be prepared as pdf files, ePub (for most ebook readers), or Mobipocket files (for Amazon Kindle and some other ebook readers). Dignity Press does not use any Digital Rights Management scheme.


Marketing and Distribution

Dignity Press co-operates with Lightning Source, an Ingram subsidiary, for printing and distributing printed books. Books are available via various distribution channels. They can be ordered via book shops in countries like USA, UK, Australia, and others. Books can also be purchased online from Barnes & Noble and Amazon.

Additionally, Dignity Press creates web pages, where print and ebook versions of the book can be purchased from every country worldwide.



The copyright of books published by Dignity Press stays with the author. We at Dignity Press advocate free flow of information. Therefore we ask authors to publish under a Creative Commons license. However, authors may choose to use other licensing schemes as they wish.

More information about Creative Commons can be found here: http://www.creativecommons.org

If you quote from other works, and your quote exceeds 400 words or a collection of extracts exceeds 800 words you should ask the original publisher for permission before your manuscript is submitted. It is the authorʼs responsibility to seek written permission for any work in copyright and also to settle any fees which may arise as a result of this. Acknowledgement of source, author and publisher must be made.



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