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Michael H. Prosser, a founder of the academic field of intercultural communication, received his BA (1958) and MA degree (1959) from Ball State University, and his Ph.D. from the University of Illinois (1964).
He has received prestigious awards from Ball State University (1978); the International Communication Association (1978); SIETAR International (1986 and 1990); and the China Association for Intercultural Communication (2009 and 2011). He is listed in the Marquis Who’s Who in American Education; Who’s Who in America; Who’s Who in Asia; and Who’s Who in the World. He is a Fellow in the International Academy for Intercultural Research. He was featured in China Semimonthly Talents Magazine (2005, in Chinese). He has a page in Wikipedia. He has been interviewed numerous times on China Central Television’s “Dialogue” programs and China Radio International, and was featured several times on Shanghai International Channel. He has been a keynoter at more than fifteen conferences in China, India, Russia, and the US.
He taught Latin in Urbana Junior High School, Urbana, Illinois (1960–63); and Communication at the University of Buffalo (1963–69); Indiana University (1969–72); the University of Virginia (1972–94), Chairman of the Speech Communication Department (1972–77); and Emeritus Professor, (2001); Fulbright Professor, University of Swaziland (1990–91); the William A. Kern and Distinguished Visiting Professor, Rochester Institute of Technology (1994–2001); College of Foreign Languages, Yangzhou University (2001–02); Distinguished Professor, College of English, Beijing Language and Culture University (2002–05); Distinguished Professor, College of English (2005–07) and Communication and Journalism College (2007–09), Shanghai International Studies University; Distinguished Professor, Communication and Journalism College, Ocean University of China (spring, 2011); Faculty Advisor to Lifelong Learners, University of Virginia/Institute for Shipboard Education, Semester at Sea around the world study voyage (autumn (2011); and Distinguished Professor, College of International Studies, Yangzhou University (autumn 2013–14).
He has been a visiting faculty member at Queens College of the City of New York (summers, 1966–67); California State University at Hayward (summer, 1971); Memorial University of Newfoundland (summer, 1972); St. Paul University and the University of Ottawa (summer, 1975); the United States Information Agency (autumn, 1977); as Distinguished Visiting Professor, Kent State University (winter and spring quarters, 1978); George Washington University (spring, 1994), and the State University College of New York at Brockport (1997–98).
He is the author/coauthor, editor/coeditor of several books dealing with classical and medieval rhetoric; international discourses by Adlai E. Stevenson and at the United Nations; diplomatic discourse; intercultural, international, and global communication and media; Chinese communication and culture; intercultural, international, and global values; social media in Asia; and social media in the Middle East. From 1998–2004, he was series editor for seventeen books for “Civic Discourse for the Third Millennium’’ (Ablex, Praeger, and Greenwood Publishers) and Senior Coeditor for the intercultural research series at Shanghai Foreign Language Education Press beginning in 2006. He was President of SIETAR International (1984–86). Prosser was president of the United Nations Association of Rochester, New York (1997–98); and is a Fellow of the International Academy of Intercultural Research; a member of the Board of the Journal of Middle Eastern and Islamic Studies (in Asia) (2007–present); and a member of the International Advisory Board of the Dignity and Humiliation Studies Network.
Michael Prosser is the father of three children: Michelle, Leo, and Louis, and the grandfather of nine: Christine Ann, Elizabeth Marie, Mary Catherine Rose, Darya Serenity Michelle, Sanders Stephen Gabriel, Sophia Lily Grace, Conner Michael, Jordan Faith, and Luke Patrick.
He has been the host father for high school students from Sweden, Belgium, France, Brazil, Spain, South Africa, and Swaziland, and young adult refugees from El Salvador, and South Sudan.
His special interests include youth, peace, social justice, human rights and peace. He has traveled to sixty-nine countries.