Front cover of Decolonizing Peace

Decolonizing Peace

by Victoria Fontan

November 2012, 220 pages, $16.00

ISBN 978-1-937570-15-6

In this book, Victoria Fontan questions the pre-established assumptions that exist in peace and conflict studies, and brings forward an alternative epistemology that relates to non-conventional initiatives for peace that exist in various parts of the world.
She argues that the first step toward decolonizing peace and conflict studies must be our realization that we are powerless in facing the destruction and injustices that we invariably bring with our peace.

About the Author

Victoria Fontan is Professor of Peace and Conflict Studies at the University of Duhok, in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq. She conducted field research in Lebanon, post-Saddam Iraq, DR Congo, Somaliland, Kashmir and Yemen. Recently, she has been exploring the resilience of insurgencies in Fallujah, Iraq.

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A translation into Spanish (Descolonizacion de la paz) has been published by Pontificia Universidad Javeriana, ISBN:  978-9588347929.



"Victoria Fontan is an emissary of the peace to come, and her work is one of the most meaningful contributions to peace studies I know of. If you haven't been lucky enough to be her student, you have the chance now to read this book. I wish every peaceworker the opportunity to nourish their work, and improve our world, by reading it."
-Oliver Rizzi Carlson - Newsletter Editor, Global Campaign for Peace Education

"This is a thought provoking study, which through a blend of theory, activism, and detailed empiricism, exposes a paradox at the heart of peace thinking: the tension between colonial and universalist epistemology and liberation or self determination. It is a much needed contribution."

-Prof. Oliver Richmond - Univ. of Manchester Author of "The Transformation of Peace" (2007)

"A key book to rethink the peacebuilding sector and its risk to be part of neo-colonial policies. A milestone for scholars and practitioners in the field."

- Dr. Bernardo Venturi - University of Bologna