Kathy Beckwith

A Mighty Case Against War

What America Missed in U.S. History Class and What We (All) Can Do Now

Published November 2015
300 pages, paperback
ISBN 978-1-937570-68-2
15.00 USD, 14.00 EUR

About the book

Beckwith relates a history of America’s wars that includes “What America Missed in U.S. History Class.” She details why war sells, the fallacies of common justifications for war, true costs of war, and sensible alternatives. A Mighty Case Against War proposes that this culturally supported, deeply entrenched system of governmental violence is simply too costly, destructive, counterproductive, and inhumane to leave unchallenged. An easily readable book, this is a resource for youth and adult education, peacebuilding activists, and all who have wondered if a world beyond war is possible.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 : Two Young Men and a Question:
“More than an end to war, we want …?”     1
Chapter 2: A Gallop Through America’s Wars    7
2.1 The Revolutionary War    9
2.2 The War of 1812    17
2.3 The Indian Wars    24
2.4 The Mexican-American War    36
2.5 The Civil War    41
2.6 The Spanish-American War    49
2.7    The Philippine-American War    58
2.8 The Tampico/Veracruz, México, Military Action    64
2.9 World War I    67
2.10    World War II    75
2.11    The Korean War    101
2.12    The Vietnam War    106
2.13    The Gulf War    117
2.14    Acts of Military Violence Outside of War     139
2.15    Recent US Wars    141
   Evaluation of War Template    144
2.16    The “Secret” Wars    145
2.17    Reflecting on Our Patterns of War    150
Chapter 3: Opening Our Eyes and Our Hearts    155
Chapter 4: Sales Pitches and Rah-Rah Cheers for War    165
Chapter 5: “War Is Inevitable. Why Fight It?” Plus Other Common Non-Sense and Un-Common Sense    185
Chapter 6: Extra! Extra! Hear All About It! Nonviolence Raging Success!    207
Chapter 7: If Not War, Then What?    225

Endnotes    251

Suggested Reading/Viewing    283

Book Club – Reading Group Discussion Questions      291

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